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RACE is here for academic quality in your research process with its large network with Ph.D. degree at least.


If you are an undergraduate student?

It is impossible to find an expert who will seriously give feedback for your homeworks or studies. To take academic feedback and support from a large and ever-growing global network, RACE Review Service is exactly for you.

If you are a graduate student or a beginner researcher?

It is very hard to find an expert who will seriously give feedback for your studies. Because of the lack of feedback, many young people can leave academic career. RACE is ready to help you find a large expert network. What you need to do is only submitting your manuscript to RACE and paying for the service.

If you are already a professional academician?

Different perspectives are very helpful to develop your article and to increase the chance of publication for your article. In addition, personal networks may be sometimes inadequate for multidisciplinary studies. Professional academicians have personal networks within their discipline. However, many studies need to use different perspectives from different disciplines. The large and ever-growing RACE Global Research Network is very appropriate for you to take multidiscipliner feedbacks The RACE membership gives the opportunity to find possible colleagues/asistants all around the world from all degrees.

What should you do to benefit from RACE Services?

You have two options: 1. You can be a member of RACE Global Research Network for just $350 per year or ₺2000 if you are a Turkish citizen. In this option, you can benefit from all RACE Services unlimitedly including RACE Research Proposal Pool. 2. You can submit your manuscript individually, pay for the service and enjoy with the contribution from RACE Global Research Network.

Who will make the reviews?

After you submit your manuscript, RACE Team will search for a convenient scholar in RACE Research Global Network to make the review. However, RACE Academic Team promises to make the review within 7 working days. If you are a member of RACE, you can find the scholar by yourself from the Network List.